A view of Lahner's studio on the top floor of a five-story stucco building in Paris shows the artist among his collection of paintings, books, objects d'art and other mementos from Paris.

Les Laky, like Lahner, was a Hungarian expatriate. In addition to being great friends with Lahner, he was one of his most devoted and enthusiastic admirers. For many years Laky had a gallery in Carmel, California and was one of the few dealers with whom Lahner ever entrusted his work.


Les Laky's daughter, Gyongy, an internationally respected textile artist, tells stories of her Sunday visits with Lahner when she was a young art student in Paris in the late 1960s. They would discuss art, philosophy, and world events, and visit various galleries, museums and cafZs. Gyongy recalls that if Lahner saw one of his paintings in a gallery which he did not respect, he would go in and buy back the work. Gyongy admiringly remembers Lahner's commitment to principle and his love for his art.

On more than one occasion, Lahner exhibited his work under the patronage of his old friend, LZopold SZdar Senghor, a poet and former President of Senegal.

Emile Lahner was a gifted and prolific artist. He painted for over a half a century producing an extraordinarily rich and diverse body of work. As described by his contemporaries who are alive today in France, Emile Lahner was a dedicated professional and a man with a great passion for life.